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ACS's Prospective

ACS prospective is to guide our clients in the direction of creating effective variable compensation strategies which have a few critical characteristics:
1. Contribute to the organizations success.
2. Good fit to the organizational context.
3. Visibility to the Sales Force, Sales Leaders and Finance.
4. Ease of administrating variable compensation system.

In order for a strategy to contribute to your organizational success, the strategy must be aligned with your vision and mission of your organization. Heading in the wrong direction does not bring one closer to the desired outcome. An effective strategy should facilitate your organizational objectives, by ensuring that the right plans, data and reporting elements are implemented and that they are administered effectively. A sound variable compensation plan strategy should contribute to sustaining the viability of the organizations core capabilities and leveraging its competitive advantages.  

ACS's Vision

ACS’s Vision is the industry-leading, Variable Compensation enterprise software implementation specialist specifically for US project focused firms of all sizes. ACS provides a framework for the execution of your critical sales compensation business processes, interfaces into your (HR, Sales, Payroll, Billing) systems, and provides resource planning, project management, performance management, client relationship management, automation and document management. ACS’s data architecture approaches, data warehousing, Quota and people management, data validation prior to pushing data to incentive systems. ACS’s innovative approaches to your data, compensation plans and analytics features targeted to the unique needs of the project focused firm will improve business performance and streamline operations.

How Can ACS’s Vision help:
• Improve Business Performance
    o At any given moment, effective decision-makers like
        you need to understand how your business is
        performing, why problems occurred and the impact on
        the business, and what you can or should do to
        enhance sales performance. ACS’s Vision facilitates
        better decision-making by delivering accurate mission
        critical information.
• Streamline Your Operations and Execution
    o ACS’s Vision delivers comprehensive integrated
        capabilities to help firms like yours efficiently track
        and manage your sales and commissions.

Contact us for further information:
Contact ACS for further information and one of our associates will call you to discuss your questions and requirements.


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