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Selection Process

Steps to Software Selection

1. Engage with the people. Lead your enterprise community
    stakeholders in the selection process and formally start a
    project that defines clear roles, sets a timeframe to select
    a solution and defines objectives and success criteria.
    Inspire confidence in your business clients by coordinating a
    technology solution.

2. Gather requirements. Have your users explain their needs
    and pain points, by keeping it very simple and do not over-
    engineer requirements,
    in other words, follow the three rules:
        keep it simple
        make it relevant
        keep it to the point

3. Look at your landscape. Review your current technology
    environment; record each role function, document each
    process step and document/flowchart the roles performing
    each task, defining both automated systems and manual    

4. Market. Look at the market software products. Focus
    and look closely at the business process offerings, features
    and functionalities in these market solutions.

5. Day in the Life. Compile use cases and storyboards, scripts
    of your business processes that are addressed in technology
    • Questions to be answered by the use-cases and
i. Does the product meet your broad functional
            a. What is the vendor’s approach to closing
                functional gaps and creating enhancements to meet
                your future needs?
        ii. How difficult is it to set up the product?
        iii. How easy is it to re-configure as your requirements
        iv. What are the skill sets and training requirements users
            need to maintain the system?
        v. Is the technology compatible with your IT strategy?
        vi. Do they offer a hosted alternative?

6. Map a course of direction. Focus on a strategic journey to
    get your users what they want over a period of time.

7. Weed out the software vendors - Functional Demos.    
    Software vendor demonstrations against real world use-
    cases. Users to score these demos looking closely at gaps
    in missing functionality, and opportunities to integrate.
    Score the demos and vote on the finalists.

8. Selection. Teams effort based on finalists score, decide
    which software vendor is the bests fit the requirement.

9. Finalists look under the hood. Have individual software
    vendors spend time with conducting technology
    assessments and hands on evaluation. Score the finalists
    and decide which software vendor is the best fit.

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