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About Company

We specialize in the creation and deployment of effective Financial and Variable Compensation systems, ACS has been implementing and designing systems for our clients since 1994 and continue to grow our account base. One of the reasons we have a track record of success is because we understand what makes those systems work. The most fundamental aspect of these systems is to create a win-win where our clients get motivated, effective and experienced consults.  


 At ACS we harness this power to the advantage of the value equation we bring into play with our clients. ACS does not employ consultants per se, so much as we engage them. We engage them on the best terms the market will validate, thus guaranteeing the superiority of the basis of their engagement. We know too that all apples are not good apples, so we apply regular and meaningful tests on the quality and timeliness of deliverables to ensure that the system is not being milked. Do you really want to pay what look like market rates for some junior analyst to cut their teeth while half (often more) of your investment is going to some Mr. Big somewhere who is adding no value?
Our staff is visible to our clients – we view this transparency as essential to the trust required for a successful client relationship.

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